Laser cutting

Laser cutting is considered as one of the most accurate methods of material machining, especially metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous ones.
We currently have four laser cutting centers  (6000W).

The machines can cut metal sheets of a size max. 1500x3000 mm and a thickness not exceeding:

  1. structural steel → 25 mm
  2. stainless steel → 20 mm
  3. aluminum → 15 mm
  4. cooper → 10 mm
  5. brass → 10 mm
Advantages of laser technology:
  1. possibility of making one piece, as well as multi-thousand batch,
  2. cutting accuracy of 0,1 mm, positioning accuracy of 0,01 mm, 100% repeatability of cut elements,
  3. excellent quality of cutting that does not require any additional machining,
  4. short programming time due to the modern technology programme,
  5. the biggest material savings due to cutting optimization – appropriate lay-out of cut pieces on a sheet metal ensuring maximum material utilization.
Examples of elements cut by laser cutting technology.