Pipes and profiles cutting

Equipped with a tilting head, it allows, except for cutting straight through, to cut holes and different shapes (straight through or not). The machine can cut alongside the required lines or curves and make bevels and sloped edges at an angle of max. 45° at the same time.


Due to an efficient automatic loading system and a unique unloading solution, the output of the LT8 machine is very high. Its software allows for optimal placement of elements on a pipe (profile) ensuring the best material utilization.

Pipe cutting:
  1. circular cross sections, from 12 to 220 mm,
  2. square cross sections from, from 12 to 200 mm,
  3. rectangular and oval cross sections of a diameter of 280 mm.
Open profiles cutting:
  1. flat: from 40 x 5 to 200 x 12 mm,
  2. L, C, U-shaped: from 30 x 20 to 200 x 200 mm.

3D cutting head enables cutting all shapes and beveling edges.